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Leadership Training & Coaching – Justin Tipper Consulting

Leadership Training & Coaching

Why train leadership skills?

Great leaders are advocates, mentors, and coaches. They’re also something else: rare. According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the Workplace report, just 21 percent of employees strongly feel they’re being managed “in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.”

Trained leaders are secure in their role and in their ability to do their jobs. They communicate well with their teams and coach and mentor their employees.

Great leaders make sure they know what their teams need to do their jobs, and meet their own goals. They challenge their staff and hold them accountable, but they also take responsibility if the team fails at something.

Leadership is like personal hygiene

Leadership is like personal hygiene – you don’t just do it once and then forget it – if you did that with your personal hygiene regime and said ‘That’s me done for another month,’ your colleagues would soon start complaining!

Leadership is an every day routine, and it starts with learning good and effective skills.

It needs to be learned, supported, guided and encouraged.

"The training we did with Justin really made a big difference. It has brought people together within the management team, and allowed them to understand each others' styles of communication.

Personally, I have used the techniques I learnt to motivate my team, and create influential presentations for my colleagues and business leaders. And I am still getting positive feedback!"

Caroline J Cornish
Head of Global Fund Services, HSBC Securities

Training Programmes Available

All these programmes will be tailored to your organisational requirements and existing development initiatives.

Each programme will be designed to fit the amount of time leaders have to attend, and your development budget.

The New Leader

The essential skills that a new leader needs to perfect:

  • Goal setting & planning. If you don’t know where the team is going, how do you know what they should be focusing on?
  • Coaching. The ongoing performance of the team, and their morale, relies on the leader having good coaching skills.
  • Handling conflict. Often a new leader’s biggest worry is how to handle pushback, objections and blockages. Having effective strategies for dealing with conflict, and the confidence to do so, is vital.
  • Running effective meetings. Too often we see that leaders are not trained to organise and run effective meetings, leading to huge amounts of time wasted, and low or no follow-up actions.
  • Promoting motivation. An unmotivated team do not give 100%, nor go the extra mile when needed, nor care about their product or service.

The Coaching Leader

The essential skills that an experienced leader needs to step up their coaching performance:

  • Picking the right coaching style. Knowing when to tell, and when to ask; knowing when to suggest options, or allow the person being coached to generate the ideas; knowing when to intervene and when to stand back. A skillful coaching leader will be flexible in their approach.
  • Picking the right format. GROW? TGROW? PACER? They all offer options but which is the best?
  • Communicating using body language. A congruent leader uses their body language – usually not within people’s conscious awareness – to reinforce their message.
  • Using effective language patterns. The difference between a well-worded question and a poor one is huge, in terms of the effect it has on the recipient, and the outcome of coaching conversations.
  • Presenting and speaking confidently and clearly. Confidence in a leader grows when they speak confidently and clearly, and engage the audience.

The Executive Leader

The executive leader often lacks 2 things: time, & effective unbiased feedback on their performance with people.

Executive leaders benefit from short 1-1 reflective sessions, with an experienced coach, plus a reliable performance report, such as DiSC 363 for Leaders.

The DiSC 363 for Leaders report combines performance rating data from the leader themselves, their peers, and the people who report to that leader. In all it gives a balanced view of how others perceive leadership style and performance, and compares with the leader’s own view, in 8 vital areas.

Leader’s DiSC map

Want to discover more, or see a demo?

Get in touch with me to find out more: +44 (0)7624 490807, or jaytipper@gmail.com.

Justin is an accredited DiSC Facilitator trained to deliver successful DiSC Leadership & Management skills events, and coaching, within your organisation.

Get in touch with me to find out more:

Phone +44 (0)7624 490807 – email jaytipper@gmail.com.