So You Want More Customers?

Imagine if you had…

  • More customers?

  • Who buy more?

  • And buy more often?

Imagine what this would do for your turnover, profit, margins, and productivity!

Join our one-day course to find out how to attract, engage and keep your ideal customers.

It’s not just about increasing sales; it’s about making sure EVERY part of your business says something about your offering and influences your sales positively in some way.

When: Saturday 14th September 2024, 10am to 6pm. Venue: Isle of Man, to be advised

In this course, Jan and Justin demystify the 7Ps Marketing Tool — Product, Price, Promotion, Place, People, Process, and Physical Evidence — and show you how to apply it to your business for maximum impact.

We also share with you a brilliant sales tool called the Six Step Sales Process, that not only makes the process of selling your products and services easy, it also gives you confidence to approach and speak to anyone!

You’ll come away with:

  • a PLAN that you can immediately put into action,
  • a powerful guide on how to set up your business for SUCCESS;
  • An understanding of what marketing REALLY means;
  • A GUARANTEE that you’ll earn multiples of the course fee you invested.

All this for only £145. Or book before 1 September and get 10% off! You pay only £130.

When: Saturday 14th September 2024, 10am to 6pm.
Venue: Isle of Man, to be advised

Our Guarantee to You: if you don’t gain more customers as a result of what we teach you, we will refund the price of the course to you, no questions asked.

Who will be leading the course?

Justin Tipper

Justin Tipper is an experienced facilitator and coach of business psychology, a corporate trainer, a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Jan Tinsley

Jan Tinsley is a longstanding serial entrepreneur, accomplished business woman, business coach and Graduate of the LTHW (Learned The Hard Way!) Method, ready to share, warts and all.

Here's what delegates are saying about our courses:

“Detailed, learned a lot, inspiring, motivational, positive impactful, helpful, guiding, meditative. Loved both Jan and Justin's approach.”

Amoré du Plessis, Amoré du Plessis Photography

"Fantastic, electric, relevant, fun, high class, informative, professional, friendly, memorable, joyful!"


"Brilliant, deep delving course."

Lukas Burri Director /Co-Founder, BetterBe Group Limited

"Inspirational & transformative. Thank you for sharing all of your lived experiences and teachings, I loved it!"

Sophie Campbell Yoga, Personal Trainer & Coach