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NLP – Justin Tipper Consulting


What is NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming? And why would you need it?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the software manual for your brain.

With it, you can explain how people make decisions, why some people are afraid of moths, what exactly happens, mentally, when you buy something then immediately regret it.

With it, you can build rapport with anyone, enrich your communication, and find the one thing your client needs to hear from you to become a buyer. You can overcome fear of presentations, and structure those same presentations to appeal to the whole of your audience.

I have used NLP training and coaching in businesses for decades, in workshops focused on sales calls, on leadership, on improving customer service, and building powerful presentations.

What can NLP do for people in organisations?

NLP is already used in thousands of organisations, including Virgin, Ladbrokes, US Military, BT, and BUPA.

Since NLP deals with enhancing a person’s beliefs, skills and abilities, it can be used to:

  • Create greater self-confidence in stressful situations, for example when giving a presentation;
  • Create ‘rich’ communication, that engages all channels in the receiver’s brain;
  • Explain how to use stories in a business context to grab a listener’s attention;
  • Show how to use body language and compelling speech patterns to persuade and influence;
  • Map out how to construct a vision and goals that the whole team will buy into;
  • Demonstrate how managers can understand their team members unconscious thinking preferences, e.g. are they motivated more by solving problems or by achieving goals? do they prefer to talk through a problem, or deal with it alone?
  • Work out whether you should use visual aids when selling your great idea to the boss, or spend more time on the numbers;
  • and so many more ways to increase success.

NLP and Leadership

One of the areas in which I specialise is that of NLP and the art and science of leadership.

In order to be a leader, you must have the ability to tell your story so that others will follow you. You must be able to engage people in your cause, whether it be leading a country, or leading a team.

Great examples of leaders who had the ability to recruit followers might be John F Kennedy, Ernest Shackleton, Ghandi, Carl Sagan, or Bobby Moore.

NLP explains the underlying structures of leadership, in terms of thinking and communication, and makes them accessible to anyone. Some of the components are: building rapport, setting challenging goals, motivation, skillful story telling, persuasion, and self-belief. All of these components are contained within each one of us, as potential, and are either active or dormant; if active, they are either ‘coded’ for success, or failure.

Just as a computer program can be recoded, so human beings can recode their thinking ‘components’ to have them be more successful. The trick is to know how to alter the code for best effect.

NLP Development

NLP development can be delivered via:

  • in-house workshops, focused on a specific topic, for example leadership, human communications, goal-setting, etc;
  • NLP Practitioner certifications: these can run in-house, tailored to your specific needs, or occasionally in an open format;
  • NLP Master Practitioner certifications;
  • 1-1 coaching, to address a specific work-related issue, such as self-confidence, communications blockage, problem-solving, etc.

Becoming a Certified NLP Practitioner?

Certification as an NLP Practitioner is a benchmark qualification confirming you understand the components of NLP Practitioner content, and can demonstrate competency using NLP skills in practical situations.

The Certificate I award is recognised by the Association of NLP in the UK, for their full membership criteria.

Results prove that NLP techniques are the best processes for creating fast and long-lasting change in your life and business. Many other systems are good at discovering problems but don’t give you tools for painless, fast change. The tools in the NLP Practitioner training are the most effective that exist today and my purpose is to make them available to you to improve your life, health, relationships, income and career.

I have assisted hundreds of people to get rid of negative emotion — depression, anger, fear and anxiety — and to eliminate limiting decisions (such as, “I can’t have a great relationship”) helping people break through limitations to make more money, get a better job, create perfect health or the ideal relationship.

Want to find out more?

Call me on +44 (0)7624 490807, or email me at jaytipper@gmail.com to find out more.

Justin Tipper is a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, and a Certified NLP Coach.

Get in touch with me to find out more:

Phone +44 (0)7624 490807 – email jaytipper@gmail.com.